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The Flag of Transvaal (Vierkleur Flag) was the flag of the former Transvaal province of South Africa.

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It was previously the flag of the historic Transvaal Republic, officially called the Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek or in English translation, the South African Republic, from 1857 to 1874, 1875-1877, and 1881-1902.

The Vierkleur Flag features three horizontal stripes of red, white, and blue (recalling the Dutch national flag), with a vertical green stripe at the hoist, and is known as the Vierkleur (lit. four colours). The former national flag of South Africa (from 1928—1994) had, as part of a feature contained within its central white bar, a horizontal flag of the Transvaal Republic. Wikipedia

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Printed Polyester Bunting which is the traditional flag material woven from 100% polyester spun yarn which gives the effect of traditional cotton bunting.
Ceremonial: Printed on two panels which are stitched together.