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Vexillology - The Study of Flags

Flag Terminology - sectionsVexillology is the study of the history, symbolism and usage of flags or, by extension, any interest in flags in general. The word is a synthesis of the Latin word vexillum and the Greek suffix -logia - Wikipedia

Flag Terminology and Flag Patterns

Badge - A coat of arms or simple heraldic symbol, such as a shield or crest.
Canton - Any quarter of a flag, but commonly means the upper hoist (left) quarter, such as the field of stars in the flag of the United States or the Union Flag in the Australian Flag.
Charge - A figure or symbol appearing in the field of a flag.
Emblem - A device often used as a charge on a flag. It may be heraldic in origin or modern, for example the maple leaf on the Canadian Flag.
Field - The background of a flag; the color behind the charges.
Fimbriation - A narrow edging or border, often in white or gold, on a flag to separate two other colors. For example the white and gold lines of the South African Flag.
Fly - The half or edge of a flag farthest away from the flagpole. This term also sometimes refers to the horizontal length of a flag.
Hoist - The half or edge of a flag nearest to the flagpole. This term also sometimes refers to the vertical width of a flag.
Length - The span of a flag along the side at right angles to the flagpole.
Width - The span of a flag down the side parallel to the flagpole

Basic Flag Patterns

Basic Flag Patterns

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