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Peopled by Armenians, Karabakh, formerly Nagorno Karabakh, is legally an autonomous republic within Azerbaijan.

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The territory has been disputed by the Armenians and Azeris for more than a century. Ethnic violence spread in the territory in the late 1980s in the last years of the Soviet era, and Azeris fled from the region. As the Soviet Union broke up, Karabakh declared its independence as Artsakh. A war between Azerbaijan and ethnic Armenians began and, at the Russian-brokered cease-fire in 1994, Karabakh remained under Armenian control. The state’s flag is that of Armenia, with a white arrow symbolically pointing towards Armenia, with which the region seeks unification.

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Printed Polyester Bunting which is the traditional flag material woven from 100% polyester spun yarn which gives the effect of traditional cotton bunting.

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