Haiti Flag
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Haiti Flag


The flag of Haiti consists of two horizontal bars, blue over red, defaced by a white panel bearing the Haitian coat of arms.

Haiti Country Flag


The coat of arms depicts a trophy of weapons ready to defend freedom and a royal palm for independence. The palm is topped by the Cap of Liberty.

The motto is on a white scroll reading L’Union Fait La Force (“Unity Makes Strength.”)

The present flag design was first used by the Republic of Haiti under President Alexandre Pétion in 1806. It was readopted by Article 3 of the current Constitution of Haiti on February 25, 1987. The central panel, originally often large and rectangular, was reduced in size and made square as part of its readoption. Wikipedia

Data sheet

Polyester Bunting is the traditional flag material woven from 100% polyester spun yarn which gives the effect of traditional cotton bunting.
Ceremonial: Printed on two panels which are stiched together.