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Corporate branding

(Flag Advertising) Flags are a great way to promote your company's brand name and identity. They can be used at trade shows, events, or even outside your business to help people remember your company and what it stands for.

We offer a wide variety of corporate branding flags, including:

  • Standard flags: These are the most common type of corporate branding flag. They are made of durable polyester Bunting fabric and can be printed with your company's logo, branding, or message.
  • Ceremonial flags: These flags are larger and more elaborate than standard flags. They are often used at grand openings, special events, or other occasions where you want to make a big impression.
  • Desk flags: These small flags are perfect for displaying on your desk or in your office. They are a great way to show your company's branding and to welcome visitors.

We also offer a variety of customization options, so you can create a flag that is perfect for your company. You can choose the size, shape, and design of your flag.

We can also help you design your flag if you don't have a design in mind. We have a team of experienced designers who can create a flag that perfectly reflects your company's branding.

Our Services

We offer a complete range of services for corporate branding flags, including:

  • Price: Corporate flags start at R325
  • Design: We can help you design your flag from scratch, or we can work with your existing design.
  • Artwork: Free of charge.
  • Printing: We use high-quality printing methods to ensure that your flag looks its best.
  • Delivery: We can deliver your flag anywhere in South Africa.

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To learn more about our corporate branding flags, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and to help you create a flag that is perfect for your company.

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Why you should fly your Corporate flag even higher

  • To create a strong brand identity. A strong brand identity is what sets a company apart from its competitors. It is what makes customers remember a company and its products or services. Brand management helps to create and maintain a strong brand identity by ensuring that all aspects of the company's branding are consistent and aligned.
  • To build brand awareness. Brand awareness is the degree to which people are familiar with a company's brand. It is important for companies to build brand awareness so that potential customers are aware of their products or services. Brand management helps to build brand awareness by using a variety of marketing and communication channels to reach target audiences.
  • To create brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is the degree to which customers are committed to a particular brand. It is important for companies to create brand loyalty so that customers continue to buy their products or services. Brand management helps to create brand loyalty by providing customers with a positive brand experience and by offering them rewards and incentives for staying loyal.
  • To protect the brand. A company's brand is its most valuable asset. It is important for companies to protect their brands from infringement and misuse. Brand management helps to protect brands by registering them with the appropriate authorities and by monitoring their use in the marketplace.

In addition to these reasons, brand management can also help companies to:

  • Increase sales. A strong brand can help to increase sales by making customers more likely to buy a company's products or services.
  • Reduce costs. Brand management can help to reduce costs by streamlining marketing and communication efforts and by improving customer service.
  • Improve employee morale. A strong brand can help to improve employee morale by giving employees a sense of pride in their work and by making them feel more connected to the company.

Overall, brand management is an essential part of any company's marketing and communication strategy. It can help companies to achieve a variety of goals, including increasing sales, reducing costs, and improving employee morale.

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