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The National flag of Ecuador, which consists of horizontal bands of yellow (double width), blue and red, was first adopted on 1835 and later on September 26, 1860.


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The Ecuador flag design of the current flag was finalized in 1900 with the addition of the coat of arms in the centre of the flag. Before using the yellow, blue and red tricolour, Ecuador used white and blue flags that contained stars for each province of the country. The design of the flag is very similar to that of Colombia and Venezuela, which are also former constituent territories of Gran Colombia. All three are based on a proposal by Venezuelan General Francisco de Miranda, which was adopted by Venezuela in 1811 and later Gran Colombia with some modifications. There is a variant of the flag that does not contain the coat of arms that is used by the merchant marine. This flag matches Colombia’s in every aspect, but Colombia uses a different design when her merchant marine ships are at sail.

The Ecuadorian National Secretariat of Communication (Secretaría Nacional de Comunicación) issued regulations describing the applications and proportions of the national flag, coat of arms, and other national symbols in November 2009.

The national flag has a length of 2.20 meters and a width of 1.47 m, a ratio of 2 by 3. The field is split into three horizontal coloured bands, a yellow band of one-half the flag’s width, a blue band of one-quarter the width, and a red band of one-quarter the width. All three bands extend the full length of the flag. The flag is charged with the Ecuadorian coat of arms, one-half the width of the flag and one half its height, cantered in the field. The coat of arms itself is constructed in a rectangle with proportions 12 by 10. The national standard has the same design as the national flag, but is square, with length 0.9 m and width 0.9 m. When used by military units and organizations, lettering can encircle the coat of arms with a diameter of 55 centimetres. The lettering must be 4 cm in height, 3 cm in width, gold-coloured Roman font, embroidered with gold thread. The only other regulated size is a table flag (banderola) where the flag is 200 mm wide and 300 mm long. When manufacturing the national flag, sellers to the public must include the name of their company, along with the year of manufacture, by placing a 20×10 mm tag on the reverse side of the flag on the sleeve. Wikipedia

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100% Polyester Bunting (The Real Flag Material)
Fitted with rope and toggle ready for hoisting
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