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Schutte Coat of Arms Flags

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The name Schutte comes from the Middle Low German word “schutte”, which means “shelter” or “protection”.


All flags are ready for hoisting
• Fitted with rope and toggle
• 100% woven Polyester Bunting, (the real flag material)
• 98% ink strike-through mirror image on reverse side of flag
• Vibrant, long-lasting colours
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In pre-medieval times, the Germans used only one name, but later they adopted hereditary surnames to remain distinct from others with the same first name.

Local names were often chosen, indicating land ownership or other affiliations. The prefix “von”, meaning “of” or “from”, was often associated with aristocratic lineage.
Schutte referred to someone who provided protection or shelter.

The Schutte surname has ancient roots in the Rhineland valley. Members of this family played significant roles in social affairs as the name spread throughout Germany.

Notable mentions include Johann Scuette of Luebeck in 1319 and Woelfel Schuetze of Eger in 1320.

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100% Polyester Bunting (The Real Flag Material)
Fitted with rope and toggle ready for hoisting
Ceremonial Flags
Printed on two panels with a join.
Coat of Arms Flag

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